Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been trying to enter my company's computerized number but I get a message which says "Company cannot be found" OR I tried signing up and when I entered my company number F19283(95) it said company not found. How can I sign up?

A: To first verify your computerised number, you can go to our Companies Online search facility by clicking this . On this search page, enter your company name (excluding the company's suffix, e.g. Limited or LTD) in the search box. If your company name has been found, the summary information presented will include your number and you will see, for example, Company #1698563. This number is your computerised number which is to be used to sign up.

Q: I am attempting to sign up for the email notifications but when I search for my name as a Director it says "Director not found", I did register my name as a Director, please assist.

A: The system will verify the name you are trying to submit against our current list of directors for that company. Please review your Notice of Director form which would have been submitted during incorporation or the Notice of Change of Directors form if Directors have been changed after the incorportion, to verify the spelling of names which were originally submitted to our office on these forms.

Q: I am a director of a number of companies and note that I was only allowed to sign up for 2 of these. When I tried to sign up for a third company I got the message "director not found" but I know I am registered as a director. Is there a limit on the number of alerts you can set up?

A: There are no limits on the number of companies you can sign up for to receive alert messages. If you received a message of "Director not found", please see the answer to the question above for more guidance.

Q: The system is not allowing the entry of Telephone contact.

A: In the area for entering your cell phone number, there are two boxes along with an example to enter your number. The first box will take the first three(3) digits of the cell phone number and the second box will take the last four(4) digits of the cell phone number. You will notice if you type more than the allowed numbers in each box, the additional digits will not be accepted.

Q: I am still encountering problems signing up to receive alerts, is there someone I can contact regarding my problems signing up?

A: If you continue to have problems signing up for our alert service, please contact the Information Technology Department at 624-1660 ext. 3127/3700, so that we can help you resolve these issues.