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What is the Companies Registry Online Service?
It is a service which allows the public to search via the internet for information on companies and businesses registered with the Companies Registry of the Registrar General's Department. The Companies Registry electronic database contains 70,000 Companies and 110,000 Business. Current registrations are updated daily.

How can I perform searches?
In order to perform searches online, you need a subscription account which can be obtained at the Companies Registry. The Registrar General accepts a minimum subscription fee of $500.00 TTD. When you subscribe you will be given a receipt which has your user name and password. Your account operates as a debit account. Each time you use the service to access the electronic databases your account will be debited for the prescribed fees.

Your subscription account is your account; your money and whatever balances are left belongs to you.

What are the benefits of having a subscription account?
Your username and password allows you to search for any company or business registered with the Companies Registry and to download the documents pertaining to that entity which are on the Companies Registry computer systems. You can:

  • Access information conveniently from the comfort of your office; there is no need to visit the Companies Registry;

  • Access information at any time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week;

  • Access information from any place in the world where you have an internet service;

  • Determine whether a company meets regulatory compliance; and

  • Conduct investigative searches on a company or business name

How much does a search cost?
It costs $20.00 TTD to download/access a registered company or business file. This amount is deducted from your subscription account. This fee gives you access to the company or other business entity's file for a full twenty-four hours.

What forms of payment does the Registry accept?
The Registry accepts:

  • Cash.

  • Certified Cheque/Manager’s Cheque - all cheques are to be made out to "The Registrar General"; and

  • 3. International Money Order - written to "The Registrar General" accompanied by a note stating that it is a payment for the Companies Online Search Service. Include your e-mail address and contact number in order to receive a scanned copy of the receipt.

Where do I pay?
Payments can only be made at the Companies Registry. Registrar General’s Department, 72–74 South Quay, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

How do I access the service?
The service can be accessed by visiting the following website addresses:

Enter your User ID and Password in the box to the right corner of the screen. You can now view and access documents.

Where do I obtain my username and password?
Your username and password are on the receipt that you will receive from the Companies Registry. Ensure that the activity type on the receipt reads – "Company/Business Web Searches".

How long is the file available for download/viewing?
The file is available to you for a full 24 hours from the time your account is debited.

Can I print copies of the document?
Yes. After downloading and opening the document you can print any amount of copies of the document at your convenience.

How do I know the balance on my account?
Visit the; log into the companies´ registry online search facility, your balance will be displayed under the section labelled "Account Holders".

When will my account expire?
Your account expires when you have exhausted the available funds deposited. If you have a subscription account of $500.00 TTD your account will expire only when you have searched 25 files i.e. $20 x 25 = $500.00. After your account expires you will need to open a new subscription account by paying no less than the minimum subscription fee of $500.00 TTD.

Each time you open a subscription account you will be given a new username and password.

Where can I find more information or a manual on using the system?
A manual is available online. Click on the user manual link towards the top right hand corner of the webpage or access the manual directly by visiting the following internet address


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August 06, 2009

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