Companies Registry Online User Manual


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Payment
3. Messages
4. Searching for a Company or Business Name
5. Using the Shopping Cart
6. Checking out the Shopping Cart
7. User Logon
8. My Downloads


1. Introduction

- The Pay-Per-Download provides the service to enable users to electronically search scanned images of Company and Business Name documents that currently exist in the Company/Business Name Registry of the Ministry of Legal Affairs.  This feature provides two (2) services:


(i ) Business Name and Companies Index search.

This feature is free of charge.  Users can search though the Business/Company Name database for an existing Business Name registered under the Business Name Act and Companies incorporated, continued or amalgamated under the Companies Act. . These searches can be carried out on a Business/Company by using its name. The name, address and incorporation or registration date is returned.   
(ii) The viewing of Company/Business Name files.
This feature operates with a subscription type account where the user can pay a sum of money and the value will be deducted after confirming checkout of  the shoping cart. All products are delivered electronically to a unique, secure download area.

2. Payments          

Payments for this service can be made at::
       Ministry of Legal Affairs
         1st Floor
         Registration House
         72-74 South Quay
         Port of Spain

The receipt provides the “username” and “password” for logging onto the system to download the files.

3.  Messages

All messages are displayed in the same location: above the “Search Company or Business” section.


4. Searching for a Company or Business Name

Type in the name of the Company or Business Name into the “Enter Name” text field.  If the entire name is not know; keys letters can be used to retrieve the name.


As letters are being typed into the text box, the Company/Business Name appears in the “Search Results” section of the page.  The search result changes to return the Company/Business Name with the matching string of the letters being entered. For example: a name with the word ‘Caribbean’ is requested. 

As the user type the letters ‘car’, all Companies/Business Names with the string of letters ‘car’ appear in the “Search Result” area.

The letters from the “Enter Name” text box are also highlighted in yellow in the “Search Result” list.

5. Using the Shopping Cart

Click on the “Add to Cart” link to add items to the cart.  The selected items are listed in the section of the page called “My Shopping Cart” together with the cost per item.


Item(s) can be removed from the cart by clicking on the “Remove” link of the particular item (s). The entire cart be emptied by clicking on the “Empty cart” link

6. Checking Out the Shopping Cart

Click on “Confirm Checkout” and the cursor moves to the “Account Holders” section of the page, prompting the user to login (if the user has not logged on).


The “Username” and “Password” are available on the receipt.

7. User Logon

Upon logon to the system, the account owner and account balance is displayed.


Click on “Confirm Checkout”and the selected item(s) in the shopping cart will be transferred to “My Download” area.

8. My Downloads


The user can now download the images of the Company/Business Name documents and can save it to their own computers.  The system will retain the images in the “My Downloads” for to twenty-four (24) hours, after which they will be removed from the system allowing the user to download the images within that period.

This value added e-service is part of the Companies Registry on going drive to:

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